Pediatric cancer and what we do for kids

As you search through the pages you will discover that we are a group of individuals that have teamed up with music therapists to document the healing property’s of music therapy for kids with cancer, we hope you follow along as we take a professional mobile video studio and document their stories. we do all the work and  produce keepsake video memories ensuring a lifetime of reflections after the battle. check out the story’s here and become a fan of this so that we can spread this across the globe!

Be sure to check out the presentation for the campaign to cover some of our future costs. Music from angels to angels

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Why this is so important for you

it is widely known that there are thousands of people that are diagnosed with cancer each year, a 100,000 die of cancer related illnesses every year, many have lived many long and generous years before the monster enters in their life still the medical world or even big pharma are not going to stop cancer when their is so much money to be had. if your a cancer patient you truly do not feel as if your of any real importance, i know i have been down that road myself. For a child there hasnt been life experiences to be able to say i have had that fight and its going to be another day at the office, they only know fear, pain and the stress of seeing their family fall apart before their eyes, all while gaining the feeling that no one is hearing them. when they do find times of joy they want everyone to see that they are giving it their all as they fight for their life’s. still through the process the feeling of no one is hearing them or truly understanding the pain, suffering or the rage that is going on in their hearts will never be shared, sometimes never seen again.

When i chose to work this program I had no clue that the impact and life saving experiences would develop into a healing experience for me and the kids we meet, and when i introduced myself to the cancer buddy’s program and ultimately the music program everything clicked, myself deep into music and contacts with music producers, photographers, promoters and musicians was perfect, music heals and i had the experience and know how to document these performances having been photographing covers and concert shots for a few bands and performers, this became a match made in heaven or as i like to say a match made from heaven. doing what i love, doing what i am passionate about and giving back after my own life was saved to others who need this more than i could ever imagine.

My humble experience has led me down a road that has become my soul and passion to pay it forward and help others like i was finally, sharing stories we all must do not just the ones who are well to do but the ones fighting. join up with me today and help me build the biggest and most influential program for health that can be done. be sure to check out our team funding campaign Music from angels over at crowd source and share, even the cost of a morning coffee will help and you will help make a family’s life so much more bearable and positive. thanks.

If i go visit the Angels…

I wish to introduce you to Music from angels to angels and janae Ortiz, what i thought was the first time i had met and worked with her was December of 2013. where we interviewed her friend and cancer pal Niasha. after the interview i soon discovered that Miss Janae was the daughter of a close family members best friend and that i had known her for years. soon after myself being diagnosed with  cancer of the bladder, i soon found out the truths of battling cancer, exactly like she had said in our interview, our voice gets silenced.

setting out to make her wish come true i began the daunting task of sorting out the heart wrenching details of her feelings, hopes and messages that she shared with me and made the determination that this cannot wait.  Music will help, it has been proven, but what about the family’s. Through my year long odyssey of cancer, i prepared for just this type of support for the family’s of cancer kids.

after losing contact with Janae that year i reconnected with her only to find out she cannot sing anymore, and she will never sing again. her words haunt me and we can do more and with her blessing. in her name we will help others even though she cannot physically do any of this anymore.

So show some support and check out the short presentation that i have provided for our campaign to add cost coverage for the travel times and equipment upgrades and lets give the ones the voice that Janae has recently lost. Thank you and our little angels will thank you as they win the cancer battles that they face every day. the Music from angels to angels campaign is here.

Our Mission

The creation of the Music from Angels to Angels, was initially designed to provide the outlet for a young Leukemia warrior to be able to perform in front of American Idol, after discovering my own cancer battle and learning that this beautiful young woman cannot sing anymore , we chose to take this same model to the professionals that provide music therapy for pediatric cancer patients and their family’s.

Share their story and providing that keepsake memory for the family’s free of charge. Joining with our representatives inside the hospital away from the studio, we are taking the hope right to the family’s.

A source of healing and inspiration, we all know what a camera does for the mind of a child when there is free reign, combined with music we will have magic as we tell their story. supporting the project for our initial pilots in Portland Oregon our belief is that we as a team can make this spread rapidly across the country.

we ask that you share and join with us to help win the war on cancer  though our services, we will never share your information promise. you can send an email to with support in the subject lines and we will keep you informed of our work. Thanks, the deacon

if you would like to join us, have questions or want to comment please do so.